Norfolk Island History and Genealogy
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Norfolk Island History and Genealogy

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Norfolk Island History and Genealogy

Let Norfolk Island History and Genealogy guide you through the multifarious history and people of Norfolk Island. Learn the real facts while enjoying fun activities and immerse yourself in the history that built Norfolk Island.

Our Services

Norfolk Island has been home to a quality of heterogeneity since 'European Settlement' in 1788. With our historical and genealogical research services, we provide historians and enthusiasts alike with the chance to unravel the stories behind those who once called this island home.

We also provide personal guided Island and Historic tours and other services to visitors and family historians searching for ancestral links among the Islands previous inhabitants, or for holiday makers who are after a more personalized value for money service.

If our days and times don't fit your schedule, please feel free to contact us. We are here to please, and we can tailor our tours to suit your needs. Larger group bookings are available for all tours except the Norfolk Island Encounter.

To make a research request or a tour reservation, please visit our store page. Our list of tours and other services include:

Norfolk Island Encounter - Personal Island Acquaintance Tour

We offer personal round-the-Island and points-of-interest tours. These tours are perfect for couples and small parties looking for an exclusive experience.

Location: We offer pick-up services from your accommodation for a maximum of six participants.

Time: For tours-on-demand, contact us to book a time.

Price: $67 per person includes refreshments.

Duration: 3.5 Hours

Twilight Tour – Norfolk's Premier Ghost Tour

This is set in Norfolk's gruesome second settlement where disease and brutality ran rampant. Learn of Elizabeth’s Phantom Friends that frequent the world heritage area and discover the reasons why these souls would have wanted to move on to their next life.

Location: Participants are asked to meet Elizabeth at the Kingston Pier. Please bring a torch.

Time: Monday night at 6:00pm during autumn and winter, and 7:00pm during spring and summer.

Price: Adult $ 27 per person, student $17 per person. Group bookings are welcome. Contact us for further information

Duration: 2 Hours

Set In Stone - Quality Row Heritage Tour

Quality Row is described as the “Best collection of Georgian Buildings in the Southern Hemisphere.” Also host some of the best examples of original convict  construction in the Southern Hemisphere. Our guided walking tour investigates these grand historic buildings that housed Norfolk's high society during the 18th Century, through to the large Pitcairn families, who had never seen a stone building, let alone a fireplace inside a house, the stories these walls hold will leave you in awe.

Location: Meet at the car-park behind commissariat store

Time: Sunday, 1:00 PM

Price: Adults - $42 per person

Duration: 3 Hours

 Norfolk Island – Places Of The Past

This personal historic adventure tour, will have you visiting many out of the way but important historic sites of Norfolk Island. Taking in Sydney Town, Mt George, the Longridge and Cascades Agricultural Stations, Philipsburgh, Queensborough, Charlotte Fields, Orange Vale, Rope Rock and many more, learn how these sites have evolved to what they are today.

Location: Pick Up From Your Accommodation - Morning or Afternoon Tea Provided

Time: Thursday 9am or 1pm

Price: $67.00.

Duration: 3 Hours

Norfolk Island History and Genealogy Research Services

Research assistance is free to our clients and is available in a wide-range of subjects, Convicts, Military, Free Settlers, Pitcairners, we can help you validate family stories find family land, homes and other local history,  go to the contact us for a research inquiry form.

Officers Bath -Set in Stone Tour Kingston and Arthurs Vale Historic Area